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We value our patients' experience at Chiropractic Today. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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"Dr Palmer is the best person to go to. If you have an emergency she will happily take you as a walk-in and immediately start treatment for whatever accident. As someone who lives with chronic pain being adjusted keeps me from having to take ridiculous medication that I do not need. And her staff is always wonderful and nice. I love being able to walk in and talk to them as friends who understand you. Finding a place that cares is incredibly difficult but I think I got lucky in finding them not long after I moved here." - Shannondoah Huhill

"Chiropractic Today saved our lives! (As a parent, you will understand.). Our 6 month old boy had colic, which is extreme pain and crying for babies. We tried everything to get rid of it. When my wife and I took Zander to Dr. Palmer, we were absolutely AMAZED at the results we had shortly after a few adjustments!!! Bringing colic to almost zero helped our son so much and allowed us to sleep. Since Zander, we have taken his younger brother and cousin when they reached a 6-12 months old. It’s been seven years and we still see Dr. Palmer. She has changed our lives for the better and I can guarantee she will do the same for you!" Best, -The Pattens

"After my first pregnancy, I hurt my back and neck. I was in constant pain for 2 years. During that time though my husband and I were trying to have another child. Sadly I suffered a miscarriage and I wondered if maybe my body didn't want a pregnancy because I was always in pain. I started going to Dr. Palmer in April of 2018 and after just a few visits I was pain free. I found out in July 2018 that I was expecting WITH TWINS! So then she cared for me during my entire pregnancy and kept me pain free (which is hard to do when you're carrying twins) and then got me back in shape after delivery. My girls are now 6 months old and she has been adjusting them since they were a week old. Dr. Palmer is amazing! I owe so much to her and am so grateful God put her in my life! Her staff is outstanding as well. I am treated like family there. love love!

Corinne Sweet

"I have been a patient at Chiropractic Today for many years! I am honored to recommend this quality team. Dr. Irma Palmer simply cannot be matched in her expertise—both physically and mentally! Quality care—-she has met me numerous times on her “off” days when I have needed her! None compares! Give them a call....you will be delighted! Thank you, Chiropractic Today, for everything you have done for me!!" - Teresa Sims

"I was having extremely bad migraines when I started going to see Dr. Palmer. It was such a relief to hear from her that she new exactly what was causing my issues. Doctor visits I had previous would just give me pain relief medicine and tell me to come back in a couple weeks if it’s still there. After my first visit/ adjustment I found instant relief and I haven’t had a migraine since I started over a year ago. Also the staff is amazing. I have been close to 100 times and every time I am greeted with the happiest people. They truly care and are invested in your well being. I highly recommend Dr. Palmer and her staff to anyone who has any issues." - Will Tittle

"Thank you Dr. Palmer. When I came to Dr. Palmer, it was my last hope. I had chronic lumbar back pain, had been in physical therapy for months, the orthopedic recommendation was for an epidural and if that didn’t help, surgery. After seeing Dr. Palmer for a month, I now am able to go back to Pilates class, and have only an occasional twinge. I feel like I have my life back. If you are having back pain do not delay another day, go see Dr. Palmer and her staff." - Carol Gould

"I just have to give a shout out to Dr Palmer and her staff they are awesome!!! I started with them a little over a month ago I was having horrible migraines everyday! It is very hard to conduct life that way. But they have helped me in so many ways!!! My headaches are gone and I am feeling so much better all around. I would recommend this practice to anyone!!!!" - Geneva Johnson

"Several things that make a business great Chiropractic Today does excellent. From a uplifting staff that truly cares about you as a person to a chiropractic genius. I have been in the fitness field for over 20 years and have never used a chiropractor because I felt like most doctors don’t know what they are doing. Dr. Palmer is one of the best I have met and now used mainly because I went to her looking for better sleeping at night and over all wanted to not ache in my neck and lower back. She finds that I fractured my back in 9 places when I was younger not even knowing this info. My neck fills like a million bucks, my back is getting stronger, my sleep is 100 percent better. I do Upholstery which is a very strenuous job. I work with most all of the chiropractors in greater Birmingham area. Chiropractic Today is worth getting a consultation and you will see that they stand above all of them for yourself. A personal thank you to all the staff for caring." - Scott Weaver

"A miracle worker! I came to Dr. Palmer, a couple of months ago, after receiving alarming information from my family Physician. I've always had back "issues", but now, I was in pain and my mobility was becoming a problem. I was 'down', physically and psychologically. I have always been active and I planned to stay that way! My family physician had told me that my back and neck damage was serious and my future was headed toward pain blocks and altered life style. Dr. Palmer was also shocked at my x-rays. She was surprised that I could walk, much less do the activities that I do! While my back can't be repaired, my life is being restored with weekly and/or twice a week chiropractic treatments!! Chiropractic treatments work.....period! Dr. Palmer has guided me toward the exercises that benefit me the most and the proper way to them. She has, also, given back to me, my hope and positive attitude that we all need. In a few weeks, I'm back to doing things that I shouldn't 'be able' to do! Now, she is stuck with me.....every week for the rest of my life!!"  - Karen Reed Lott

"After a back surgery at 33 and a difficult pregnancy at 38, I went to see a Neurologist that told me I would be on pain meds of some kind for the rest of my life. I left his office with my prescriptions and called my husband and cried. After the initial shock had worn off, I was determined to find a better way to manage the problems and the pain I was having. I had read the Chiropractic Today articles every month in 280Living and decided to make an appointment. I was not expecting lasting results, but I was hoping for something to keep me off pain medicine while I still had a newborn.

Five years later, I still have not filled those prescriptions and have lived without pain for years. The change in the quality of my life and the ability to do simple things like sit on the floor with my child are amazing. Adjustments and lifestyle suggestions from Dr Palmer and staff keep me going now. I worried for months leading up tour big first trip to Disney World with the family but was able to walk all the parks, all week, with no problems! Thanks to Dr Palmer and regular adjustments, I was able to walk all over Disney World with my family- something I could have never done five years ago." - Melanie R.

"My back is feeling great. After returning to Orlando, I initiated some changes to my diet and exercise frequency with the encouragement and guidance provide by Dr. Palmer. After consulting with (a) Chiropractor, I decided against an ongoing program. Instead I have altered my carb intake, increased cardio work, and a stretching regimen. Since labor day, I've lost 15 lbs. and have noticed a difference in my flexibility and endurance (and waist size). I have not ruled out any back treatments, and realize that there are some issues that would need attention from a professional. My initial approach will first have to include weight loss to address blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

I am very grateful to Dr. Palmer for her personal attention and honest interest in my personal well being. Her "table-side" manner made me feel very comfortable in a situation I had never been in before, with never having any previous back issues. She took time out from her Thursday off day, spent several minutes with me going over nutritional recommendations, and even gave me the display display pillow from behind your desk (sorry)..." - Mike H - Orlando, FL

"I was made a believer today! Dr. Palmer was able to see me for the first time one hour after I called her office. I was seen very quickly. I was extremely anxious and in a lot of pain. Dr. Palmer and her staff were especially thorough and did a wonderful job of explaining why I was in such pain. I walked out feeling better and hopeful that I can have a strong spine again. I'm a mom of three kids---I don't have time to be down. I'm confidant I found a special gem today! Thank you so much, Dr. Palmer!!!" - Lauren Gingras

"What a wonderful practice! Dr. Palmer has helped all of us get back on track !! With our backs AND Nutrition! She and all of her staff treat you like family !! LOVE THEM!!" - Melanie Anderson

"I have gone to a chiropractor for as long as I can remember. When we moved to Birmingham, I really wanted to find someone in the area and that is when I had a few friends refer me to Dr. Palmer at Chiropractic Today. I came with scoliosis, on top of being pregnant! When I got here in May 2011, I could tell within a few weeks how the adjustments were helping the neck and back pain that I had from scoliosis. I ended up having a few tailbone issues when my baby was born in September - so it's been great to have Dr. Palmer help me through that. My baby boy just turned a month old and he's already been getting adjusted, too. He has acid re-flux and it's comforted me to know that we're doing all we can do to help him by getting adjusted. Chiropractic Today is one of the nicest offices I've ever been in. The staff are always so nice and personable and it's a place my family looks forward to visiting." - Sheila J.



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