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Sports Injury

If you have recently had a sports injury, you know how much they can be a damper on your day to day activities. You might feel like you can no longer do the things you did before, or that you are not able to be as competitive as you once were. While you might be in pain now, we at Chiropractic Today in Birmingham, Alabama, hope to provide the care that you need to recover from your sports injury, and get back to your peak physical condition.


What Is a Sports Injury?

As the name suggests, a sports injury is an injury that you incur while playing sports. Whether it is joint pain in your limbs or back problems from years of volleyball, sports injuries vary widely and can range from mild to severe. 

What is important to understand is that a sports injury does not have to happen at a specific time, but can be the result of consistent wear and tear of your body after years of playing a particular sport. Sports injuries such as tennis elbow, rotator cuff problems, back problems, or any other joint or alignment issues all lead to pain or dysfunction. If you are doing a repetitive motion during a sport, chances are that your joints are under high pressure and stress which could cause pain and discomfort as the joints deteriorate. 

How Can Your Sports Injury Be Treated by a Chiropractor?

A chiropractor can run many diagnostic tests to determine the extent of damage caused by your sports injury. As a result, your chiropractor will develop and suggest a care plan that will help alleviate your pain in the short-term, while also correcting and treating your sports injury in the long-term. This plan could include spinal adjustments, physical therapy, and massage therapy, which in combination can provide relief and treatment. Spinal adjustments are maneuvers that your chiropractor will do to help stretch and align your joints. This will "pop" your back or other joints, and will help bring balance back to your body. Massage therapy, while great for those with or without sports injuries, can be especially therapeutic for those with joint or muscle damage. 

Come see us at Chiropractic Today in Birmingham to get more information on how to correct your sports injury, and get back onto the court or field as soon as possible.






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