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"Health and wellness is much more than my profession as a chiropractor - it's my chosen lifestyle. Striving to inspire my patients to face adversities associated with health is my passion. Join me so I can help you too." - Dr. Irma Palmer 

Dr. Palmer graduated from Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, Georgia in 1992. Soon after, she moved to Birmingham, AL with her husband and established her practice in 1993 in Birmingham, Alabama. She is a bilingual, holistic chiropractor who is very keen on the ketogenic diet approach with nutrition.

Reasons I became a Chiropractor

Playing competitive softball growing up, Dr. Palmer suffered with lower back pain and severe menstrual issues. During that time, she was told this pain was just part of being a woman. No one understood that the overall pain she was experiencing was affecting more than just her physical well-being. It was not until she suffered a severe softball collision that her parents took her to her first chiropractor. It was that experience that inspired her to become a chiropractor and help change the lives of others. 

"Living a healthy life and educating my community on the BIG 5 wellness lifestyle concept; faith, neurological connection, eating food from the earth, exercise, and intentional thinking. I believe everyone striving to improve in these five areas will restore their health and vitality, personal confidence and move toward an optimum quality of life. My goal is to ultimately make a difference within our community and beyond utilizing these principles." 

What do I do for fun?

Dr. Palmer is an avid runner; running 3 to 4 marathons per year. Outside of her profession, she and her husband enjoy going to the lake, grilling out and cooking healthy meals, loving on their jack russels, and spending time with their daughter when she's home from college. 



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