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We view each patient as more than just a spine. Your total wellness is our top priority, so we would be doing you a disservice by ignoring all the dimensions that make up your health. Therefore, Dr Palmer founded Chiropractic Today on the foundation of “The Big 5.

1. Faith – The security that a faith foundation provides is irreplaceable. Having peace in life is paramount to making sound decisions, reducing unnecessary stress and maintaining healthy relationships.

2. Neurological Connection – The nervous system control every function of your body. The nervous system is comprised of the brain, spinal column and nerves. Keeping your spine in proper alignment allows the nerves to carry messages from the brain to the body with no interruption. This is why spinal subluxations can be the cause of things such as tingling fingers, sinus issues, hearing impairment, migraines and so much more.

3. Eating – Your body is the car, and your food is it’s fuel. Exercise is equally as important as nutrition, but it does not replace it. Many individuals visit the gym to excuse their poor diet, but just because you are burning calories does not mean your body is well-nourished and functioning at full capacity.

4. Thinking – A positive mindset will set you on course for success. Set your sights on a goal and practice positive self-talk, remove negativity in your life, journal, reduce stressful and cluttering thoughts… If you have a deep desire to no longer live with debilitating symptoms, pain, extra weight, poor quality of sleep, etc, then the first place to start is your mind. Discover the “why” behind your health goals and watch them become a reality.

5. Moving – Movement does not solely include going to the gym three times a week after sitting in an office chair for eight hours a day. Our body needs constant and consistent movement. Take stretch breaks at work to loosen the back, neck and leg muscles. On road trips, stop once every hour or two to stretch. Instead of watching TV on the coach every night after work, buy a ping pong table or outdoor game for the whole family to enjoy. Use your whole body every day!

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